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Prof. Luigi Colani:
"You are ahead of your time. With 31 years you have already a complete work, I with 75. Protect your collection designs against Karl Lagerfeld!"

Gerd Harry Lybke (gallery EIGEN+ART):
"Their works fit into a Gilbert & George Gallery."

Lotte Ingrisch (writer: "Physics of the Hereafter"):
"A movie should be made out of your life!"

Oliver Guenay (international paragliding instructor and author):
"WR means the increase of all previously been experienced and that was a lot."

Anatoly Ionesov (director museum for peace & solidarity, Samarkand):
"You are a philosopher."

Germany's top seller:
"Wilma must be met, otherwise s.th. is missing in life. She's a multitalent."

Several people:
• "The totality of what I learned, you can excel."
• "You're the best thing that ever happened to me!"
• "You recognize Wilma through her markant laughter."