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Dr. Eve Maria Försch:

This opinion is the artistic work of Wilma Rösch, born the 3rd of February 1973 in Ingolstadt / Donau, especially the Child-Mother-Creat (CMC).

Wilma Rösch studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg and is internationally active as an artist for many years. Among others she partizipated in 2003 and 2005 at the Biennale in Florence with success.

The travelartist is famous for her photo-collages in which she mostly slots together photos, entry-tickets and other paper-items from traveling abroad to ensembles. For a small percentage the photos are artistically adapted with modern means. These collages have a distinctive aesthetic and show in pictures cultural peculiarities, but also social evils in the Third World.

As in 2005, Wilma Rösch's just three year old son Tarim stunned his mother for his age simple but amazing drawings, the artist had the idea for a project. It took around ten months, comprises several hundred images. The name Child-Mother-Creat(CMC) was born. Jointly, the work has been coloured. Thus, the pictures can be reinterpreted, the fantasies of both flew in.
That exchange of the adult world and childhood is for the visitor like another real life, even to feel how it is to live art, to be art.

Excerpts from the CMC can be seen in Füssen's Arthall beside the river Lech, in the Internet-Cafe Videoland: In the chosen home Füssen and in Castle Thürnthal near Vienna.

Wilma Rösch gives her works always a theoretical foundation and is thus in the tradition of conceptual art since the 1070er years in the sense of an expanded notably introduced by Joseph Beuys concept of art integrated Wilma Rösch in her project Child-Mother-Creat the creativity of other people. In this way it contributes to a democratic exchange between people unloaded from social barriers. I became familiar with Wilma's artistic work in Füssen's Family-Cafe, whose paying member I was until my son's move into the kindergarten in 2007.

I graduated in art-history. Since the birth of my son (4 years) I work as a freelancer for Munich's Hypo-Arthall, as well as teacher in the VHS Füssen, Marktoberdorf, Sonthofen, Kaufbeuren (lectures, cultural trips; lecturer in Italian and French). Before I worked in the Old National Gallery of Berlin.
Dr. Maren Naumann:

It is a pleasure for me to write about Wilma Rösch's art. I know her personally many years. How she lifes is art. She herself is a living art - art alive. Her humor - she jokes about herself; you recognize her at her laughing! The Bavarian artist was as a child daily on her grand-mother's little farm. There she learned to respect nature and with enthousiasme each creature. In her youth she started to help Greenpeace, handycapts and seniors. After her highschool-graduation and a practica in Sydney she was 2 years at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg to become art-teacher ... but she felt "country-called".

Definitely Wilma 's work is connected with her study-trips. In the summer of 2009 she visited her 120th state.  That 's why she named herself one day "travelartist". With 11,5 years she made her 1st travelart. Since this experience she collects entry-tickets, pictures from magazines...from all over the world. Nowadays Wilma forms digital collages, but also the classical method. For her the symmetry means harmony. She says: "You find it from the mikrocosmos to the macrocosmos, from machines to sacrale buildings, from nature to culture." Parts of her arts you can compare with fractals. Not only her sees them as well in the nature: Symmetric system in chaos. The artist even wears fractal-pattern-clothes. She mixes the essences of different themes showing that so much fits together. The artist's one message: Come together, we are all the same...

The result is beauty: "The eyes are the gate to the soul." She wants to touch the heart and your inner part. Wilma likes to make people happy - that just functions when there is some beauty in art; create useful products.  For her there is a general, a common beauty, p. ex. Castle Newswanstone, because most visitors find it fantastic; her flat is 3 km away from that famous building. She lives very nature-near, with much consciousness: On purpose without meat, fish, eggs, fridge, dishwasher, car...with less as possible. The studio-flat "Villa"Wilmabunt is a combination of church, temple, mosque and synagoge like her logo, the WVS, the WorldVisionSymbol. Many animals - happy completely without food: Visit her and be surprised! Paradies including uncountable angels.

The artist's rooms are also a caleidoscop: Many mirrors: Volume-multiplication; light-effects: Mood-support.  Very comfortable and stylish castle-like; the true fairytale, more ARTificial windows than squaremeters, the plants have 1st names, grow mostly only with water and her sound.  It is so clean, that you could eat from each floor. Astonishing objects, which Wilma found at incredibile areas by travelling. Workshops: Collagology; enter hungry - go full (eating "fractalistic", baking ... without recepy); laugh"yoga"

When Wilma was away with her son, you were able to rent the rooms. Now you can enjoy your holidays during she cooks for you extraordinary! Be feeded with delicious jams! Some of them are already in New York. She gets anything, makes something - recycLADY. Even the spices shine spiritually...

In 2004 that was a big honour for Wilma: The designer and university-teacher Prof. Luigi Colani invited her to his exhibition in Karlsruhe(Germany). After a few minutes watching her pictures he wrote a recommendation-letter. Prof. Colani is a kind of idol for her. The artist's dead idols are Salvador Dali and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. I find her art symbolic, further ethic, even philosophic like one of her Usbekistan-friends: Anatoly, the founder and director of the Samarkand-Peace & Solidarity-Museum ...

Quite impressive is the CMC, the Child-Mother-Creat: Pictures in teamwork with her son Tarim at the age between 3 and 4. "He gave me the skeleton, the meat we put in together." He formed the lines, both coulored them: 365 pieces ... Her youngest and biggest art with children: 30 m - snow-angel near Füssen + winged frozen footprint-unicorn. Because Wilma's 1st travelart is a textile (1,5 m x 2 m)  she developed that kind. In 2003 she taylored her biggest cotton-piece: A 4 m x 6 m advent-calender.
Now she works on several dress-collections. They look time + borderless, unic, chic and "special-unsexy". Quite some of them are for women and men. Often the weight is irrelevant, because of the clever shape. Parallel she prepares to publish her travel-poetry with foto-collages from the last travel - again with her son - curious to learn from other cultures; for sharing their experiences, giving trip-tips. I hope one day her concepts for "holy"(yin & yang)-houses will be realized and Wilma's "Füssen-Glüxwürfel" - one of the 64 Castle-Thürnthal-cubes (fortune-foam-cube: 1m x 1m x 1m will roll around the world to bring good luck to people.